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Blue Detox


Pineapple-flavoured blend of green tea, maté and herbs

Plunge into the heart of the Caribbean with this exotic and fruity blend of maté, green tea and rooibos flavoured with a note of savory and captivating pineapple. Its voluptuous texture awakens the senses for a moment of escape and pure well-being.

Infusion time
3-4 min

Infusion temperature

Perfect for iced tea

Les Kocktails
by Kusmi

3, 2, 1, grab your shakers...
ready, steady, go!

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Cocktail au thé

How to make delicious iced tea?

Étape de préparation de thé glacé

Step #1

Pour 60 cl of simmering water into your carafe.

Comment infuser du thé glacé

Step #2

Brew a large tea bag of your favorite blend for seven minutes.

Dessin carafe de thé glacé

Step #3

Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes.

The new must-have accessory to make your favourite iced cocktails

Shaker à thé glacé


Blue Detox

Cocktail Blue Detox

For 1 glass:

Pour into your shaker:

8 cL of Blue Detox
4 cL of dark rum
1 cL of Cointreau®

For an alcohol-free cocktail,
pour 12 cL of Blue Detox.


The seeds of a passionfruit
2 teaspoons of liquid honey
4 ice cubes

Close your shaker and vigorously shake for 10 to 15 seconds.
Add a few ice cubes to a highball glass, pour your mix over them and decorate with fresh orange zest.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.