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  • The Essentials

    The color of this refill bag can vary.

    Assortment of 24 muslin bags of flavoured teas, classic tea and herbal tea

    Kusmi Tea presents Kusmi Exclusive Blends, a round white chest inspired by the elegance of a hat box. Our assortment of 42 enveloped muslin tea bags invites you to discover the best of Kusmi Tea, all inside our new presentation box. Prince Vladimir, Anastasia and St Petersburg represent Kusmi’s famous Russian taste based on citrus fruits. Flavoured green tea lovers will be pleased by Imperial Label’s orange and cinnamon notes. Because of its refreshing taste, the spearmint green tea is ideal for after meals. Finally, black tea lovers will be thrilled by Russian Morning N°24, a blend of black teas from China and Ceylon, which is perfect for breakfast.

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