• Løv is Beautiful

    The color of this refill bag can vary.

    Flavoured blend of teas, rooibos and yellow fruits

    Løv is Beautiful is a seductive mix with a soft, sunny fragrance that will brighten the face of any tea lover. Made from white tea, green tea and green rooibos, it is embellished with natural peach and apricot aromas, giving it a fruity and slightly sweet taste. Small pieces of mango and pineapple add an exotic touch. Løv is Beautiful has emerged as the new companion to natural beauty.

    Ingredients: White tea*, green tea*, green rooibos*, mango*, pineapple*, apricot*, natural peach flavour, natural flavours.
    * Organically grown ingredients.

    Infusion time
    3 min

    Infusion temperature