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    Lovely Break

    100 g Tin

    Take time out from a hectic day with Løvely Break. This delightful, delicate, organic infusion blends the sweetness of red fruits with the comforting notes of biscuits from your childhood to create a moment of true relaxation. Its dessert notes and fruity sweetness deliver a delicious cup of loveliness that tastes like a yummy treat. Løvely Break is inspired by “Fika”, the traditional daily break that Swedes enjoy together over a hot drink and a pastry. This naturally theine-free infusion invites you to share a relaxing moment with friends and colleagues - it’s the new tea-time treat!

    Apple*(38%), rosehip*, elderberry*, rosehip seed*, hibiscus*(5%), hibiscus white*(5%), blueberries*, flavourings (3%), moringa*.


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