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  • Kusmi Iced Blends

    The color of this refill bag can vary.

    Gift set of 15 large flavoured tea bags with flavoured fruit infusion

    Kusmi Tea Iced Blends offer the best Kusmi Tea blends to enjoy iced. This assortment of 15 large individually-wrapped bags brings together five iconic recipes now available in an ideal new format for the preparation of a litre of iced blends. Icy Grapefruit - the venerable BB Detox, Blue Ice - the exotic Blue Detox blend, Aquafizz - the fruity infusion AquaRosa, Very Mint - spearmint green tea, and Frosted Strawberry - strawberry green tea. Steps to prepare a delicious iced blend 1. Pour 60cl of hot (90°C) pure water in a carafe 2. Allow the 8gr Kusmi blend bag to infuse for seven minutes + to punch up the iced blend, infuse the bag with fresh fruits as recommended in the booklet included with your gift set 3. Fill the carafe with ice cubes three quarters of the way and stir 4. Enjoy your Kusmi iced blend!

    The set contains 2 products

    Icy Grapefruit
    Green tea (30%), rosehip seeds, maté (17%), rooibos, fennel, mint, grapefruit flavouring, flavourings, guarana seeds, dandelion

    Icy Grapefruit

    Blue Detox
    Green tea (36%), rosehip seeds, maté (17%), rooibos, mint, pineapple flavouring, guarana seed, nettle leaves, sunflower petals

    Blue Detox